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About Us

Thrash & Thrash, PLLC, is a family run, full service legal firm with a specialization in debt collections.  Gary D. Thrash, formerly of Singletary & Thrash-Jackson, P.A., has been an active litigator and integral part of the debt collection industry since 1974.  During this time, Mr. Thrash established one of the most respected and largest volume debt collection firms in the State of Mississippi.  In 2010, Leslie Henson joined her father’s practice and has risen to the position of operations manager, directly overseeing the firm’s compliance program, collections personnel and processes.  Adam F. Thrash entered the family business as a licensed attorney in early 2013, representing clients throughout Mississippi since that date.


Our office is centrally located in Jackson and provides representation and other client services throughout all 82 counties of Mississippi. Our office is fully staffed with experienced collection personnel, including client specific collectors, if needed.  Our goal is to serve your company’s legal and collection needs now and into the future.

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